Every couple of months, we give away cool prize packs, such as:

  • Gift cards
  • Tickets to sporting events
  • Young & Free swag
  • And, much more!

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Young & Free Michigan March Madness Prize:

  • Enter to win a March Madness prize pack of:
    • a $50 American Express® gift card
    • some Young & Free Michigan swag
  • To enter, follow us on Instagram and comment on Erin’s posts from March 25-April 3. She’ll ask you to predict who will win the college basketball games for the Elite Eight, Final Four, and Championship Game rounds.
  • The person that predicts all of the winners in each of those rounds will be awarded the March Madness Prize pack on April 4.
  • If no one correctly guesses all the winners, the person with the highest number of correct predictions will win.
  • If multiple people predict correctly, we’ll award the prize at random. 

Winners will be contacted directly and shouted out on social media.

That was easy!

Recent winners

Winner: Jeffrey Lane
Prize: $50 Amex gift card

Holiday Prize Pack
Winner: Megan Graw

Holiday Prize Pack
Winner: Bianca Dixon

Winner: Ashé Lewis
Prize: Fall prize pack

Winner: Jamie Sherrod
Prize: Summer prize pack

Winner: Brian Frison
Prize: $25 Amazon gift card

Winner: Rasheedah Wright
Prize: $25 Amazon gift card

Winner: Mariah Smith
Prize: $25 Amazon gift card

Winner: Mateusz Koper
Prize: $25 Amazon gift card

Winner: Jessica McDougle
Prize: $25 Amazon gift card




Big contests with big prizes

About twice a year, we hold two really big creative contests. The first one is our annual Scholarship contest and the second is our Young & Free Michigan Spokester Search!.