Yvonne Archie


If I were given the opportunity to be blessed with $50,000, I would use it to bless other institutions and causes that are dear to my heart. I would begin by donating $15,000 dollars to my church, Citadel of Praise. My church, Citadel of Praise, has played a major role in molding me into the well-rounded young lady that I am today. Each year, Citadel does a wonderful job hosting several outreach events. These acts of generosity have truly influenced me to think about others and not just myself. Donating money to my church would be a great way to say thank you and to help them to continue to impact young people’s lives’ such as myself. Next, I would use $10,000 to start a foundation called “Unity in CommUnity” (UIC). This organization would give helpful ideas to Block Club Associations throughout the City of Detroit to make sure that our communities are strong, and safe. UIC, would also work with neighborhoods to develop programs to address concerns unique to their communities. Then, I would donate $15,000 to the American Cancer Society to go towards researching for a cure or be used to help finance families who are facing high medical bills because of the cancer treatments. Lastly, the final $10,000 would go towards starting a college fund for my nephew. By establishing a college fund for him, I would see myself as holding the door open for the next generation by helping to make his load a little lighter when the time comes. By providing his fund, he should only have to focus on his academics and not financial aid.