Taiwo Oke


Being raised in a dreadful household, I learn not to depend on people and trust nobody. But the turning point is when I joined the soccer team, in my sophomore year changes my whole perspective view of life. I learn never to use the word “I”. I wasn't as good as my other team mates, but they all encourages me and try to teach me different skills after practice and they also work out with me after practice. Realizing that they weren't selfish about their talent and trying to share their skills with me make me realize that I have been living life on the wrong pact. Even though I spent that season on the bench cheering for them I still never give up. During the soccer season I learn that sports sharpens and enlightening my brain. During each game of the season I watch my teammate running around the field, chasing to ball in order to get a goal, the sweats motivate me. All the things I experience on the field motivate me and make me work harder, so that I will be the one on the field. My junior year, the time I was waiting for. My first game, this even made the most significant impact in my life because the whole team was depending on me, their hope was on me, “as the midfielder pass the ball to me, I hear the whole audience scream my name immediately I saw the hope on my coach face. I look at my left and I saw that people have faith in me. This really have an impact in my to keep striking forward.