Stephanie Thomas


If given the chance to have $50,000 there is so much that comes to my mind other than my education that I would like to do with the money. I wouldn’t feel satisfied if I tried to only stop war or promote peace using money which causes war and lack of peace.

In my head I couldn’t just choose one thing to do with $50,000. It would feel like I’m wasting money. I was taught to spread my money evenly and save too. With my imagination of having $50,000 I thought to myself why not divide it into four? So that gave me four sets of $12,500. I already know the first two things I want to do. I want the money to go to a place that helps adolescent girls deal with issues such as abuse, bullying, and domestic violence. Then I want to donate the other $12,500 to a place that helps animals. It took some research to decide exactly which organizations I wanted to choose and be a part of as an active member or volunteer. My top choices for these categories so far are the She Speaks Counseling for females and the Michigan Humane Society.

That leaves me with $25,000. In my eyes that is a lot still. I want to be smart about what I do exactly with my money. Therefore, another $12,500 would be invested in stocks. Hopefully, that $12,500 would grow into more money so I could possibly keep donating to more organizations over time.

Finally, that leaves me with my last $12,500. I will keep it in my savings account. You never know when hard times will hit you. So I want to be prepared for anything. You can’t help others without helping yourself first. I learned that the hard way.