Simone Mosby


Zoe was the most energetic little girl I had ever met, always singing and dancing, and playing around, like most six year olds nevertheless. But, what made Zoe different from the other kids her age was that she was diagnosed with liver disease from the day she was born. Within the first month of her fragile life, Zoe had to receive a liver transplant. It amazed me how much energy and personality she had despite the illness that was trying to claim her life every day. Zoe was in and out of the hospital at days and even weeks at a time but always kept a smile on her face. She never complained, never lost her amazing optimism, and always kept her head held high. But her lifelong fight became too intense and Zoe passed away October 9, 2010 at the age of seven. Her life humbled me, I would complain about a headache and might even want to stay home from school because of it, yet Zoe was jumping around and dancing with a pig liver inside of her doing the best it could to keep her alive. Now, whenever I want to complain about a minor issue, Zoe’s smile pops in my head. She has taught me that life will not be perfect and things will get tough but there is no use in crying over spilled milk. You have to stay strong, keep pushing, stay positive and give your all until there is nothing left to give. Zoe is my hero.