Shakera Harris-Savage


Over the past years of my life there has always been an important person who has impacted me in many different ways. Dr. Benjamin Carson’s story has made a remarkable impact on my life for several reasons. With the attention to Dr. Carson being raised in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan he offered hope and inspiration. He was able to make a difference in life through all the hardships he was faced with and never gave up. After reading his story it showed me that through guidance and determination dreams will come true. To conclude, familiarizing myself with his background and through his hard work Dr. Carson has shown me that nothing is impossible in my life.

Dr. Carson’s continuous struggle has motivated me to continue even in the hardest days, to stay up late finishing homework, to getting up early in the morning to attend school. He has refined me by being appreciative of life and education. To add, his story has taught me not to settle for less but to have a desire to improve my quality of life. I can use Dr. Carson’s life experiences and relate that through trials and tribulations, I will never allow anyone or any situation hold me back from accomplishing my goals and dreams.