Sarah Scalabrino


I have been lucky enough to be given many opportunities in my life to succeed and to grow as an individual. There have been struggles as well as victories, but overall I have gained a strong, rounded character that I’m proud to carry forward as I venture into higher education. The event that continues to resonate with me as being the biggest impact in my life was going on mission trip to Cincinnati in 2012. I got the chance to work with other teens to help those who needed our assistance. We helped move senior citizens into their new apartments, renovated houses for families in the community, and worked with children and adults with special needs. It was a week that I’ll remember and carry with me throughout the rest of my life. It was the smiles, the gratitude, and happiness that shined on the faces of those we served that brought me to realize that I loved helping people. My experience instilled in me a new sense of appreciation for my family, the support they provide, and the opportunities I have been able to attain throughout the years. Through serving those around me, I have gained a new perspective on what I hope to do in the future. I aspire to become an English major with a minor in special education to continue working with children with special needs. I am still actively involved in service projects and will continue to do so for years to come. I firmly believe that pursuing this direction for my future will help me gain the tools to better assist those around me, and to take a chance at making a significant impact on someone else as my experiences have done for me.