Nicole Salem


When someone asks me who has influenced me most in my life I cannot help to think of the one and only Mrs. Denise Bryan. Mrs. Bryan was an educator at the elementary school I attended and worked with a numerous amount of people. Anytime you needed a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on you could always turn to her. When I was in middle school I received the devastating news that she had developed breast cancer. I can remember the day I found out that this had happened; I was in shock and disbelief.

While Mrs. Bryan was going through this hard time it never seemed like her spirits were down. Even though things were happening in her life she never wanted anyone to worry. People used to ask her “how do you not let things bother you through such tough times?” Mrs. Bryan would simply reply by telling them that if you stop believing and give up there is nothing left to life. 
Sadly, on September 18th, 2012 Mrs. Bryan had passed away. The way I think of it is that she may have not been done fighting but God could not see her fight anymore. I also think that God takes the best. I know she is not suffering anymore and is looking over her loved ones every chance she gets.

Mrs. Bryan has been the most influential person to me because not only did she teach me to keep my head up but she showed me to never stop believing. Knowing that there will be troubling times in the future I will have to apply what she preached. Never give up, believe in yourself, and do your best to make your dreams become a reality.