Myronie Jackson


Hi, my name is Myronie Jackson. I attend Southfield senior high school as a senior class of 2013. I’m apart of class board, student council and have also been cheerleading throughout my life. As a teenager I've done countless acts of community service within the city of Southfield and at my church, first Baptist world changers international ministries located on 8mile road in Detroit. If you were to ask my peers about me they would say that's the girl with the big smile. All the time I hear people say I brightened there day with my joy. For me, I just love to enjoy life to the fullest and if I was blessed with the chance to receive 50,000 dollars besides my education I would first give back to my community. I hear my parents and elders tell me "don't ever forget where you came from". Setting aside money for a good cause means a lot to me, I know there are less fortunate and every bit counts. I'm a giving person so being selfish with the earnings would never be a problem. My next task would be to take care of my family because I believe without them pushing me to work to the best of my ability; I wouldn't be where I am today. In life, everyone needs a support system and especially with one like mine, helping their dreams and goals come true I would be my pleasure. Growing up in a lower class family my parents are not able to pay my way through college. So, I would set aside money in a college fund for my future children. I believe getting a head start on that would help them tremendously in the long run. The last task on my list as always been a dream of mine and that’s to open up my own boutiques and hair salons around Michigan. Although, I was never really good at drawing or cosmetology I have a special love for the craft and would love to center myself around the people who enjoy doing it. Having a chance of earning any amount of money would be a blessing upon my life and fulfilling my dreams as well as others is what I intend to do.