Monisha Sanders


One person who has made a significant impact in my life is Shawnita Sealy-Jefferson. Mrs. Sealy-Jefferson taught an ACT preparation class at a college fair that I attended. While telling the class about herself, I learned that she was an accomplished Postdoctoral Fellow at Wayne State University who had completed eleven years of college and graduated debt free with a Public Health and Doctorate in Epidemiology. Her success felt contagious and prompted me to action while peeking my interest in Clinical Laboratory Science. Because she had inspired me, I immediately contacted her with questions concerning my future and also began applying for several scholarships. Mrs. Sealy-Jefferson has changed my life in many ways. Among these include: taking the time to guide me in the right direction educationally, advising me while applying for colleges, and instilling in me this principle “You need to have the highest level of education available in order to have the largest impact. Your goal should be to make it to the top of the pyramid”. Shawnita Sealy-Jefferson has touched me deeply on a personal level. Even though I was a stranger, Mrs. Sealy-Jefferson did not hesitate to enlighten me on what my future holds. She realized that I was passionate about college and my pursued career and never neglected to share her exceptional past experiences with me, while encouraging me to create my own. The endless appreciation I have for her cannot be fully expressed. Never again will I turn a blind eye to someone who is eager to learn something from me. In life, I will take all the beneficial advice that has been given to me and pass it on to those who are willing to receive it. Mrs. Sealy-Jefferson has taught me to never settle for average; aim high.