Michael Wayntraub


I love sports. Whether it’s playing myself or watching the pros, there is nothing I’d rather be doing. In elementary school, I participated in local hockey. All through high school, I organized multiple sports activities a week. I grew up as a diehard Detroit fan, and followed all my teams, especially the Red Wings, Tigers and Lions. If I had $50,000, I would invest in my dream job, and I would definitely stay in the realm of sports.

I would use the $50,000 as start up funds to create my own sports ticket exchange company, buying tickets for various sporting events and selling them for profit.

The first step to getting my business up and running would be to create a website. I would hire a web designer to create my website with instructions to make the site fast, easy, and efficient for the customers to buy and sell tickets. I would advertise through social media, radio, television and billboards. 

Another important factor for increasing business is good customer service. I want my customers to be satisfied with my service and reliability for providing good tickets at a reasonable price.

I would also use a portion of the money to fund a sports league for kids in my neighborhood whose schools don’t offer after-school programs. In college my schedule can be flexible, and I would be able to volunteer my time coaching the kids.

I’ve always been told to find a job “doing something you love,” and I know that if I am involved with sports, I will be very successful.