Michael Maxwell


The event that has made the most significant impact on my life was going to the City of Auburn Hills Summer Day Camp. Since sixth grade I have spent my summers there and now work for the organization that runs this camp. The City of Auburn Hills Summer Day Camp is the place that made me realize that I want to work with kids in some aspect. Whether it is a counselor, teacher, coach or any other job, I know that I want to help kids escape their daily lives while they are under my supervision. Because of this camp I have found what I love to do. If I can get a job surrounding this field, I am hopeful that I can help or even change kids lives. I want to help make a kid’s day better. 

The City of Auburn Hills Day Camp has changed my life in so many ways. Before I went to this camp I was quiet, shy and almost never opened myself up to others. I didn’t have many friends and I was okay with that. I was initially against going because I thought it wasn’t cool. After being there for one day I completely changed my opinion on it. I had made an assumption based on what I thought summer camps were like. My first day was halfway through the camp, so naturally I felt very uncomfortable. My counselors made me feel like I belonged, something I hadn’t really felt before then. They made me feel like I had been there forever. After only three hours, I didn’t want to leave. I am hopeful that I may give someone the same experience, the feeling of belonging when they need it most.