Matthew Arnold


There is no place that I have been that has left me more perfectly content than my visit to University of Michigan Ann Arbor as a member of its Medical School Summer Science Academy. Since the age of four I have wanted to become a doctor. As a future doctor, I plan to provide service to disadvantaged populations. It is because of this ideal that I had the privilege of attending University of Michigan's Medical School Summer Science Academy. From this experience, I learned of various aspects of other cultures through the time I spent with fellow students. However, more importantly, and to my own surprise, through my integrity and compassion towards others, I was able to make a positive, lasting impact on the lives of others. Many counselors, and even the director of the program, complimented me on, and told my parents of, the quality of character that I displayed. I will never forget the tears in one girl's eyes as she told me goodbye and thanked me for my support of her and her goals. I will also never forget the feeling of true peace as I left the campus, knowing that, through my own existence, I was able to inspire confidence in someone else and change their life for the better in a way I never thought I could until that last goodbye. Although I may not have believed this before, I now truly believe that, even along my path to become a doctor, I can change more lives and inspire more people to achieve their goals. Hence, I am even more determined to become a doctor, knowing that in pursuing this goal I not only fulfill my personal calling, but earn the privilege and personal legend of blessing those I meet with inspiration beyond imagination.