Marco Lin


From educational paradigm to athletic role model, my brother Tayson Lin has made the most significant impact on my life. Tayson’s resume is beyond extraordinary: graduated Salutatorian of Lake Shore High School, Wayne State Presidential Scholar, along with being a researcher at Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State School of Medicine. Due to his outstanding character, he is very influential to other people around including me. Tayson was not always athletic, at one point he was overweight but through track and cross country he managed to become fit and healthy. During my sophomore year I weighed 180 pounds, I followed my brother footsteps and joined track. In my senior year, I became a varsity cross country runner and I raised his bar by joining the swim team. By following my brother’s footsteps, I became very lean, healthy, and I have lost 60 pounds since sophomore year. Tayson, being a role model, encouraged and guided me to become part of the Macomb Math Science and Technology Center, Michigan State’s Future DO Program, Quarknet at Wayne State, and he even got me a job/shadowing experience at the Saint Claire Shores Medical under his former employer Dr. Shelton. Without Tayson, I would have been still nothing but overweight and uninvolved with the community; now I am healthy and proactive, ready to influence other people into a similar lifestyle. My brother crawled and laid the stepping stones so I am able to sprint on them into a more successful future than him. I know in the future Tayson would have a successful career, due to his magnanimous personality he would give back to the community; I would continue his legacy going forward in life.