Madison Jones


Most people are able to say that they’ve always wanted to be a doctor, or knew they wanted to be a doctor since they were little, but I’m definitely not one of those people. I can be quite indecisive in certain situations, and I’ve known that about myself for some time. But surprisingly, I made a big decision in my life when I finally figured out what I wanted to be. Aside from my extremely influential teacher, Ms. Armstrong, who led me to that realization one day in her broadcasting class, I had already been influenced about seven years prior to that, but failed to notice the impact it made.

In 2006, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Europe with my family. We spent time in Amsterdam, Madrid, and Barcelona. After that amazing journey, 2 years later I visited Florence, Rome, its holy Vatican City, and lastly Pisa. Traveling to such remarkable places, I learned that the world has so much to offer everywhere you go. I didn’t understand what that meant to me back then, but over time I came to the conclusion that I wanted to study more about various countries and make our people aware of issues other than America’s own. Over time, I began to think that going into broadcasting would allow me to do so, and after being placed in the broadcasting class during my senior year, I was absolutely positive that I wanted to be a news caster. So regardless of what it takes for me to get to that point in my life, I will be the person opening the eyes of those unaware of problems in countries all over, allowing a progressive discovery of their own ignorance, and bringing us all together to make our world a better place.