Mackenzie Alvae


When asked the question, what event or person has made the most significant impact in my life, the question took some internal soul searching to decide the event would be in Softball.

Starting off my high school years, I did not know exactly what to expect when it came to being a new fresh face to the world of high school sports, as I knew it would be different, challenging and new. I attended the open gyms, appreciating the upper classmen and other freshmen showing the coaches their skills. I was motivated and pushed myself every opportunity I was able to get to show that I wanted to be a part of the Shorian teams and family. 

One particular event that impacted me greatly, Softball District Finals. The game was close and very tense as we entered into inning number eleven. In the end, coming up short by two runs. The impact at the end of that game, I was speechless! Not knowing what to do, I cried. District finals at the tip of our fingers, I remember thinking that in the outfield. The event that day has motivated me to push myself, practice knowing there are others whom are better and playing like we are the best. Telling myself when I wanted to give up to push harder and take every moment of the game to heart. 

Now, as I begin my new challenge at Ferris State in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, this event has taught me to accept the challenges that I am given, be blessed with the outcome, learn from it and motivate others.