Lee Williams Jr.


One of the first things I would do with $50,000 is to pay back my mother. Operating as a single parent she sacrificed everything for me growing up. There were nights where she wouldn’t have food to eat, just to make sure I was fed. She often worked late hours until the early morning just to make sure I had clothes on my back. Paying off the remainder of her student loans would be the least I could do for her.

The next thing I would do is give back to the community that raised me. Coming from a city known for crime and violence such as Detroit, it is dear to my heart that I do everything I can to help the youth of my city because they are the future. I want to build my own after school kids center located within the urban area. Youth from the ages 11 to 17 would be allowed to come in and sign up for a membership gaining access to the perks included. Internet access and tutoring, both peer and adult would be offered along with snacks, food, game systems, a lounging area, and recreational activities such as basketball. Closing time would be at 8’oclock to ensure that all children make it home at a decent hour, avoiding the dangers of the streets. I feel my center would be a huge staple in the community, giving youth a positive place to go while keeping out of trouble and taking pressure off parents. The chance to form bonds with their peers that could last a lifetime could make all the difference in the world and that is all the motivation I need.

$50,000 is more than just money; it’s a chance to make an impact in society, beginning my legacy.