Leamon Wilson

If I had $50,000 that I didn’t have to spend on my education I would:


1. Take the time to travel. After receiving my undergraduate degree, but before attending medical school, I would like to visit some of the historical sites throughout the United States. Our country was founded on the principle of being a melting pot for diverse beliefs and cultures, but we rarely get to appreciate the richness of this diversity if we never leave our immediate neighborhood or comfortable environment. There is much we can learn about others and ourselves if we are open to the opportunity.

2. Purchase a gently used vehicle. At 6’4” and growing, getting in and out of my current economy car is beginning to resemble a circus acrobatic act. A gently used, but reliable, truck or SUV should be able to hold me and the many books I will need from undergraduate through medical school.

3. Invest for the future. The residencies following medical school can be lengthy, depending upon the specialty selected, and generally don’t pay well. Focusing on ten to twelve years of education will leave little time or funds to prepare for life after school, including housing, establishing a medical practice, or simple lying on the beach to vegetate. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share my hopes, dreams and plans. Perhaps we will meet on my journey.