Lauryn Lacey


The very first thing I would do with $50,000 is tithe 10% to my church. I would tithe because the money would be a blessing and that would be a way of thanking God. Also, I believe that if you initially tithe, then the rest of the money you spend will also be blessed. 

After tithing, a portion would go to my mother. Being a single mother of three, my mother difficulty financially and it would ease her stress. Next, I would take a share and split it up amongst my other relatives. They have helped my mother over the years and it would feel good to help them.

Now I would invest a percentage. I would want the money to be wisely invested so it can multiply over time and not just immediately be spent. By investing the money I would also hope to show my little brother that it important to make responsible decisions with your money, not just spend it. $5,000 of the remaining money would go towards starting my little brother’s college fund. Being a senior in high school I fully understand the stress and worry that comes with figuring out how you’re going to pay for college. I would hope that if I start a college fund for him the rest of my family could build upon it and by the time he has to pay for college it will not be worrying. 

Next, I would donate to breast cancer research. I would donate money to research because several women in my family suffer from cancer. After donating I would reward myself with a portion. I work hard and very rarely do I take personal time and do things for myself, so why not do it if I had $50,000?