Lareesia Washington


Other than further my career goals with fifty thousand dollars, I would choose to use it to set up a mentoring facility to work with people younger than I am. I would work with children who not only needed help or are underprivileged because that wouldn't be my main goal, but rather work with those who really wanted to learn more about anything, any way they could. I would provide tutoring programs, but also a friend who they could visit every day and talk with or play games. There would not be a specific crowd or income level I would be directing it to, but just anyone who wanted to join that may not have older siblings to help them with their homework or be a mentor to them. This would not be labeled as a tutoring center either, because my goal is to mentor and teach children what no academic lesson could, and that would be how important they are and what they can do in the world, whether they realize this or not upon joining. I would use this $50,000 to begin this organization because I believe in helping those who want to make something extraordinary of themselves more than helping anything, because they in turn can help others just as someone helped them.