Kiera Williams


For as long as I can remember, I always was caring and willing to give out to someone else. I am strong willed and determined when it comes to school and achieving my goals. Throughout my high school years, I was able to create relationships with my teachers and classmates while learning in preparation for the next step in my life: college. Other than family and giving back, my education has been my number one priority.

Other than paying for college tuition with $50,000, I would give back. I believe that everyone should have a fair chance at happiness, less fortunate, or rich. I would use all the money to give back to our society to help create a healthy environment for all citizens and animals to live in.

With the money, I could build a community recreation center for the needy. The center will have many clubs, sports, and activities such as: card games, up to dance, hockey, track, and so on. The center will also be a rehabilitation center. Children can go to learn and animals will be taken in for healing that are rescued. With all the violence and hate in this world, I think it would be beneficial to create a place where citizens can learn to love each other and help one another again.

To conclude, there shouldn't be a price on education, however, if I didn't need to find a way to raise money for my college tuition, I would build a place of love. Although giving back is normally for the other person, I gain a great amount of happiness when I am able to help out. A community recreation center in a common area that has violence or a poor area is the best place for something new and life changing.