Kieara Reed


Possibilities, possibilities, possibilities. This is what comes to mind when I think about receiving $50,000.

One piece of advice that I have received from the adults in my life is to make my money work for me. So after investing a lot of the money so that $50,000 would not only be $50,000, but actually a lot more, my next idea to accomplish would be finding a teacher who is very passionate about her work but her circumstances hinder her from being the best teacher she could possibly be. I would donate money and go supplies shopping to remove that lack and provide a better environment for the students. This money could serve as encouragement to the teacher and the students. The education system has taken many hits in the past few years and districts are not able to provide as much as in past years, this does not change the fact that every child deserves to learn and have the correct materials. The teacher and I would make a great team to accomplish the goal of helping students.

My next task would be to set up a vacation for my family to Europe. This would be a great time to reconnect as a family and show my gratitude to the people who have been my supporters since I was born. This time would also allow me to explore the world and cross one more thing off of my bucket list. After this trip is over, my plan would be to return back to my everyday life and continue to strive towards my other life goals. Along the way, I would still be using this money, remembering that it all started with $50,000 given to one, small girl but in the end was able to change the lives of many!