Kendal Cockrel


Traveling is my thing. I have always traveled with my family. They taught me how to appreciate new places. Our vacations always had some important point to them, whether donating clothing to a Bahamian church or fixing a fence on the outskirts of our Florida hotel. Our vacation was viable to society.

My dream is to always do something to make the world a better place. If given $50,000 I would combine my love of travel with youth science and engineering exploration. The Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) showed me the world of engineering, and more notably, energy engineering and sustainability. I was able to learn about different alternative energy sources. I would use the money to develop a mini-program in a third world country in our hemisphere and teach teenagers about energy engineering and find a way for them to utilize their skills to help improve the quality of life in their village or town. One project could be building an irrigation system that would regularly serve a school or church fresh water that would be available for all. Included in this irrigation system is a bypass that could capture and use rainwater for a community garden. This system could by fueled by a combination of hydro and solar power. Another project would be training youth a group how to properly recycle or repurpose old materials and textiles for profit. I volunteered for a company in Detroit that repurposes old tires and transforms them into welcome mats, sandals and floor coverings. My monies would go for my travel expenses, expenses of two expert civil engineering students, purchasing materials, hiring and seeing a project from start to finish. I would choose a summer start and end time because most students are always looking for a volunteer experience.