Keiwon Lambert


From the day I stepped foot into Fraser High School, I knew I had been blessed. I'd been blessed with an amazing opportunity to attend a high school with one of the best music programs in the state of Michigan. My choral director, Pasquale Pascaretti, has led on a legacy as the Chairperson of the Fine Arts department since the year of 1971. He's shared many stories of his accomplishments and honors with me and those stories inspired me to want to be as equally as successful as him.

I've had the wonderful opportunity of performing on the stage of the world renowned performance venue, Carnegie Hall in New York City. Sharing that experience with Mr. Pascaretti impacted my life in such a positive manner. It assured me on my decision of wanting to be a musician for the rest of my life. I've recently decided that I would like to study Vocal Music Education in college, starting the fall of 2014. The leadership, passion, and dedication I acquired through the teachings of my incredible director makes me want to strive for the best things in life. I want to be able to inspire future generations as I was inspired by Mr. Pascaretti. I'm apart of the next generation that holds the responsibility to keep the arts alive.

If I'm granted this scholarship, I would be able to fulfill that responsibility. It would aid me in continuing my education in the field of Fine Arts. Coming from a low-income family, it's almost impossible to attend college. I believe that I deserve the same opportunity as others who have families that are financially stable.