Kayla Hawkins


If I was given $50,000, I would first have to do the happy dance. This money would allow me to achieve many of my hopes and dreams. I would use some of the money to travel the world. I have an interest in experiencing many cultures and lifestyles that are different from my own. Seeing as I love food, I would be thrilled by the opportunity to travel to Italy or Japan to try tons of popular dishes. I would also find myself in Milan and Paris, places that are known for its beautiful and unique fashion. Lastly, I would travel to different developing countries and try to help them by contributing some of my money but also some of my time. 

With the money I had left, I would give it to the research on Hypertension and Alzheimer’s disease. Hypertension hits close to home, as both my uncle and grandfather unexpectedly died recently from this health issue. I believe that there is not enough awareness about Hypertension and many don’t understand how fatal it can be. This is why I would like to take the first step by contributing to its research. My great grandmother has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for ten long, painful years. I see what this disease has done to both my great grandmother and my family. It is very hard when your great grandmother does not even know who you are anymore. This is why I would give the rest of my money to finding some kind of cure because no person should have to suffer through losing a sense of identity for family, friends, and even themselves.