Joshua Moore


As a youth, you meet many people daily; however, you never know who will impact your life. When joining the Midnight Golf Program, I did not realize I would gain a mentor who would become so dear to me, and I am thankful for her. Ms. Renee Fluker has been a marvelous person who has significantly impacted my life. She has treated me like I was her own son, and I appreciate her encouragement to attend college to become a mathematics educator.

Ms. Renee created the Midnight Golf program for her son and other urban city students to learn golf, major fundamental aspects about school, etiquette, and business solutions. Over the years, this program has expanded so students like me would be able to participate. She has dedicated time to find various mentors and donors to make sure the program provides the best resources. Through the program, I am granted many enriching opportunities. I have learned the fundamentals of golf, to try my best at whatever I do and the importance of giving back to the community.

Ms. Renee has taught no matter where you come from you can make a difference in your community. I apply this concept when I tutor high school and college students with their mathematics assignments, and I am a volunteer who assist senior citizens in my community. I appreciate the valuable life lessons, and I plan to make her proud. I will give back to the program, because I would love for other students to experience this opportunity.