Joshua Cummings


In the famous coined phrase by Sir Francis Bacon, “knowledge is power”, the key to obtaining and maximizing that knowledge in my opinion is by pursing a secondary education. And whether you give Franklin D. Roosevelt or Stan Lee from Marvel Comics credit for saying, “with great power comes great responsibility”, both phrases ring true for me.

My fascination with how medication could assist in curing the various illnesses that people contract caused me to quickly migrate towards a career in pharmacy. Rising college tuition rates however have made pursuing my dream more challenging. If selected as the winner of the $50,000 Scholarship, I would first apply the money necessary to obtain my Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree at Ferris State University. I have been accepted and plan on attending in the Fall of 2013. “Other than pay for my education with the $50,000 award, I would,“ partner with a selected group of my classmates in college, and create an organization that would provide the service of tutoring students that are struggling in the subject areas of mathematics and the sciences for free. 

I would purchase study guides, graphing calculators and all of the supplies necessary to be successful. The organization would loan the materials to the students, to insure that they had the tools that they needed. Conquering these two subjects throughout a student’s K-12 experience not only increases their confidence, but also opens up a plethora of career paths that they can choose from. This is the power and responsibility that both of the phrases referenced. The responsibility of giving back the knowledge, which is the power, needed for the upcoming youth to maximize their potential. In hopes that maybe they will continue that same spirit of benevolence for future generations.