Joseph Bartl


If I were to receive $50,000 there is no question that I would donate a larger portion of it. Of course I would keep some of it. If I didn't absolutely need the money at the time of getting the money I would put $10,000 of it into a savings account for later on in my life just in case I needed some emergency cash. With $20,000 I would donate it to the National Parkinson Foundation. In 2010, my grandfather died with Parkinson's and dementia and I saw what the disease had done to him. I would hope the money I donated to them would assist in the research of preventing that disease so that no more grandfathers would have to leave behind young grandchildren. With the remaining $20,000 I would donated it to the International Association for Suicide Prevention. In 2011, my Uncle John took his own life in his backyard while his wife was away at church. He left many notes to the people who were most important in his life mostly stating how much he appreciated what they had done for him. He was going through some tough health issues involving his heart and had enough of the hospital routine. I would donate $20,000 to this association because people who are contemplating suicide need as much help as they can and they might not be able to afford it. I would want the money to be used to give assistance to people who need it the most. I honestly believe that if counseling was more easily accessible, he may still be alive today. No life should be ended short so any money spent to prevent suicide would be money well spent and I would not regret giving away such a large amount of money.