Jalyn Jones


Alot of times people forget about senior citizens. Its too bad because they are people just like us and once were shaping the future of America, they need help too. Being around senior citizens everyday made me think about how would I feel if I had to wake up at a community home and do the same thing everyday.I am currently making sure I put a smile on their face anytime I run across a resident when at work. If blessed with $50,000 I would put it up and invest it. I would use the money to make sure the senior citizens at retirements homes are enjoying the rest of their lives and that someone is available to talk to them at least once a day. A lot of them feel depressed because they feel so empty and nobody's there. Socializing is very important and I know they would love to have somebody to talk to and somebody to take them out of the retirement home for a few hours. The money pays for all the trusted employees who shows their love for the elderly. They will be allowed to take them on trips if the senior citizen is healthy enough because although it is important to have fun, health comes first.