Jalen Jennings


It’s astounding that a gold piece of steel filled with rhythm and sultry tunes can have such a significant impact on your life. The infamous one is called the saxophone. Playing my sax is so serine; I can block out all the struggles of life and I can paint any picture I want for my life. 

I enjoy every note I play whether in the marching, jazz, symphonic band or simply for myself. This may sound ludicrous, especially since our school marching band has been in disarray for the last four years. We have had numerous band directors and countless obstacles to endure. Our band reached a pivotal point where band directors seemed to be like endless bus stops; as soon as one would get off another would get on. However, this has not hindered my ability or desire to play. Instead, I think this has made me a better musician. I have learned to take on leadership roles when no one was there to guide me. Other times, I learned to depend on others for assistance. True and lasting friendships were developed through inspiration and love of music. 

Many band directors have come with the promise of making our band great, with little or no commitment. But, the truth of the matter is that no one can make you great. Greatness comes from within and develops as a result of hard work and dedication. Countless hours of practice and preparation are culminated by an awesome performance which not only makes you feel good about yourself, but makes it all worthwhile.

I know I can apply this philosophy to any aspect of my life. It does not matter if it is regarding music, my studies or future career choices. I understand that anything worth having requires hard work and devotion.