Guadalupe Salazar


Something that I have been planning on doing for almost my entire life is to go to college and I have been excited for almost everything that entails. The part that has been looming ahead that I have been dreading is the cost of attendance. Simply put, if I had $50,000 an incredible burden would be lifted from my shoulders; I would be able to go to college.

My plans for college are to go to college and study Chemical Engineering. My long term goal is to get my education and then return to school to study teaching and I would then become a teacher in an inner city to pass on the passion for Math and Science. A major problem in my community is that there is a lack of exposure to the possibility of jobs in science related fields. Had I not had great math and science teachers I would never have become interested in engineering. However, to do this would require an education in the field. The cost for a four year degree at the University of Michigan is roughly $100,000 dollars. $50,000 would be an excellent start to tackle what could possibly become exponentially larger if I were to pay for tuition, room and board, books, and fees through student loans.