Gabrielle Santavicca


The Most Difficult Thing of My Babysitting Career

It was the summer of 2011 and I was 15 years old. During that summer I had to do the most difficult thing in my babysitting career. No, it was not trying to get a child to eat his vegetables, or to take a bath. I had to spank my cousins. Up until that point the worst things I had needed to do was make them get along and get them to go to sleep.

I used to babysit my cousins Sadie, Charlie, and Peter at their home in Saint Clair Shores. In the five years that I had cared for them, I had not once needed to spank any one of them. Finally the evening came.

It was dinner time and none of the children were behaving. “Will you three sit down and eat please?” I asked them. “NO!” they yelled back at me. After minutes of begging them to eat their dinners I had had enough. “Line up and touch your toes!” I shouted. As soon as they were lined up I gave them each a swat on the butt. After spanking them the two boys Charlie and Peter proceeded to run around laughing, but the eldest of the three, Sadie, sat in a corner and cried. Within the next few minutes I heard her say something to me I had never heard her say before. She had called me a monster. It was a little funny but I felt bad because she had never seen me that angry before. 

The event of spanking my cousins changed me by showing me that you cannot always be a friend to the children you care for. In my future I will use that lesson with my own children.