Erica Longmire


I had always been injury free playing basketball up until 10th grade when I fractured my index finger and then in 11th when I sprained my ankle. I was also always able to bounce right back and be ready for the next season, but my latest condition has impacted my life in a way that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Imagine your senior season being thrown away by a condition called spondylolisthesis where the bones around my spine are out of place, and two are broken. One thing I have learned is that every day many people experience being able to do something they love one day and the next it not be there anymore. I just never thought it could be me.

I was top in the state with college coaches texting and calling me, wanting me to play for their team on a full ride. Now I sit in my room filling out scholarships and applications hoping that a school will accept me and pay for my education with my academics. My situation has made me realize to a full extent the importance of being a student-athlete, the word student coming first for a reason. 

My hope has not run out. The season is not over yet and I pray every day that I can see my number one fan up in the stands cheering. If not, I plan to use my other God given abilities through academics to pursue my career as a physical therapist for a collegiate or professional sports team; to always be around the game. This will be my way to help other athletes with their injuries so they do not have to endure the same struggles as I have. God has a better plan for me then I have for myself.