Eric Scott


People have different dreams. These dreams can define who you are as a person and your journey through life. If I had $50,000, I would use it to accomplish two of my dreams.

First, I would spend $35,000 to bring music to children who might not have access to music. It was once said by Plato that “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” This quote explains how music provides a sense of freedom and can be a means of expression. My dream is to expose children to music theory and different types of musical performances. The children will build character and gain confidence to interact with others. My dream stems from my own musical experience. Growing up I was shy and lacked self confidence. Through my high school choir courses, I learned that my singing voice and speaking voice were meaningful and powerful. I acquired confidence and discovered my musical gift. Knowledge of music can spark a passion for music and create a path for children to pursue their dreams and goals.

I would use the remaining $15,000 to travel. I would spend time learning how different cultures interact with and prepare their food. France, Italy, India, Ethiopia and China would be among the first I would visit. These countries are admired for their unique styles of cooking, variety of spices, and health benefits. This experience will help me live my second dream, which is to own a restaurant that serves healthy foods from all over the world. Traveling would allow me not only to learn and experience different cultures but also to bring those experiences home and share them with others through my cuisine.