Dominique Moore


0, 4 1 2 B a member of the New Silent Generation also known as Generation Z. I am puzzled, concerned, and afraid for my generation and those following us. I know to whom much is given, much is required. I want to help the next generation to feel empowered, to dream – big, and even help to navigate through the landmines of being a part of this Generation Z. No one wants to see another silent generation. Hindsight is 20/20.

As I ponder on the best way to spend $50,000, it is a task not to be taken lightly. I’m a dreamer and I propose using the $50,000 over the next seven (7) years to impact the lives of twenty (20) future Young & Free Michigan 6th grade female students starting this fall through their high school graduation in year 2020. These young girls would be from surrounding counties. My wish is to impact their lives and help them not to be silent, but become well rounded young women ready to be GENERATION 20/20.

GENERATION 20/20 would be inspired to dream and help them to see that they have a voice and the potential to rise above their wildest dreams. I would use the funding to conduct workshops with various topics and provide unique outings that would give them exposures to impact their view of how they see the world and more importantly their place in it. The workshop topics would be on limitless subjects and explorations outings over the next seven (7) years. Some ideas for topics include: lyrical messages, reading food labels, fashion, making health choices, saving money, improving self-esteem, letter writing, enhancing skin care, etiquette training, college application, volunteerism, finding your voice, exercise, social causes, self-defense, etc.

The return on your investment in GENERATION 20/20 – PRICELESS!