Devynne Davis


A Blessing In Disguise
Hello, my name is Devynne Davis, and one of the most important life lessons I have learned is that although I am just one person, I can be a huge blessing to someone else’s life. Often times, many people experience unfortunate situations in which they might say to themselves, “Why me?” However, I understood that if many people were granted any small opportunity, they could be of great help to another individual.

During my freshman year in high school, my father along with many other employees got laid off from his job during the recession. This was an extremely unfortunate circumstance for my entire family. Consequently, my parents began to collect debt. Even worse is that they had three kids to take care of (myself, my older sister and my younger sister) in addition to the family pet. This was incredibly frustrating because not only was debt piling up, but my parents had no money to contribute to the debt in order to lower it. Only to make matters worse, my sister was unluckily born with a liver disease, and the cost of her medication with no health insurance was simply ridiculous.

I can always recall the way that my parents were so giving to both myself and my sisters and strangers alike. It was so admirable that they were so selfless and always willing to lend a helping hand whenever they felt it necessary without question. So, if I were given $50,000, I would definitely contribute the money to paying off my parents’ mortgage. They have always provided for me and my sisters the best way that they could and I am so grateful to have parents like them. I think it would be the least that I could do to pay off their mortgage and make their lives a little easier. I know one thing, they sure do deserve it and I would be overjoyed to help dig them out of their financial hole.