DeVissi Crockett


One person that inspires me is Renee Fluker. Ms. Fluker is a true leader. She is the founder of an organization that chooses students from the city of Detroit and teaches them life skills and many other things that will prepare them for successful futures. The organization is called the Midnight Golf Program, and through it, we learn how to play golf, and how to properly function in the professional realm. Ms. Fluker has inspired me by being my definition of a good leader. A good leader is someone who creates other leaders to and successful people. She has reached into the community and has made leaders out of youth, some of whom were oblivious to their potential. From her actions, I am able to see that a good leader teaches others to lead, so that they will be successful and be able to return and teach others. She has created a cycle of success that has saved the lives of countless youth. This program has made me realize the significance of preparing youth for roles in leadership. In the future, I hope to contribute to the community in such a way that Ms. Fluker has by investing my time and money to the progression of youth that need the proper guidance to lead absolutely exceptional lives.