Derrick Hedwood


Fifty thousand dollars… a conversation we have at my house quite often. Most times we imagine it to be $100k or even a million. But if I had $50,000, there are three things that I would easily do. First, because my dream is to get a bachelor’s degree in aviation and become a professional pilot, I would put half away for my future hobby, my private plane. While most of my friends research what car they want to buy, I’m on the internet researching the best aircraft I want to one day own. I dream to fly and be the owner of a single engine airplane and this would give me the jump start and incentive I need to make that dream come true.

Next I would use $10,000 to start my own urban youth aviation camp. Since I was eight years old and took my first plane ride to a family reunion, I wished I could learn more about flying. There are no programs for younger kids to learn about careers in aviation. I would start a summer day camp that takes a small group of kids on field trips to airports and air museums, introduces them to pilots and even lets them fly. My camp would be ongoing for kids and expand on some of the opportunities I wish I could have had exposure to.

Last, I would invest the remainder of the money in CDs at Michigan First. I look at how my family struggles and how they don’t have any money put away for the future or even a rainy day. This would give our family the cushion we need either in case of an emergency or hopefully for a more important reason, a chance at a better future.