Danielle Arsenault


If I had $50,000, I could only imagine donating it to schools all around because I am a strong believer in education. Kids these days do not get a fair opportunity with education that they deserve. Everyone should get the chance to receive a good, quality education because without this it is very hard to get the skills and values you need to be successful in today’s demanding world. 

Some schools may not be able to afford the latest technology or books to teach kids the skills they will need to succeed. My mom has a good friend who works at a school in Detroit and she is always reaching out to friends for donations of many things we take for granted, like paper, pencils, back packs, locks for their locker, even a clean shirt. It is upsetting to me to know that, in some schools, teachers and students do not have these basic supplies to accomplish their everyday learning. Every little bit helps and with my $50,000 I feel I could really reach out to schools in need.