Corey Johnson


Music has always been an important part of my life. When I was four, I started playing the violin, and music became center of my life. Since that time I have switched to the viola, and I have the opportunity to play both in my school orchestra, and in the Civic Orchestra, a youth ensemble of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. It has had such a great impact on my personality, and my outlook on life, causing me to look for the beauty in everyday life as I do when I get a new piece of music.

A goal of mine has been to share music with others, hoping that they too will be affected by music in the same way that I have. I was lucky to always have outlets in which to explore music, but I realize that all children do not have that opportunity. With $50,000, I would start an after school program in which young children in elementary and middle school would have the opportunity to explore music. Even though I am a classical musician, this program wouldn’t be strictly for classical music, but also more modern types of music. There would be string, wind, and percussion instruments for the children to use and explore. The people who would work with the children would be actual musicians, who truly want to work to help children, and would participate on a volunteer basis. Hopefully, after the program started, I would be able to find donors and fundraise, so I could keep the program free to all, afford higher quality instruments, and extend the program to suit people of all ages instead of only young children.