Cionne Jones


In Elementary school I began to develop an interest in cheer leading. As I got older and continued with cheering my goal was to learn how to do a back handspring. I worked very hard and I finally achieved my goal. I learned that through hard work and dedication I could overcome any obstacles or challenges that might be in my way to achieve my goal. During my junior year in high school my coach made me cheer captain of our high school varsity team. This was a major role and my coach had confidence in me that I would be able to handle this task. During the season our team faced many adversities and as captain I worked hard to make sure we all overcame them as a team. We had a great season that year and being captain helped me grow as an individual. It gave me a great deal of responsibility and taught me to be a leader.

While in high school I began to develop an interest in medicine. I participated in the Beaumont hospital weekend medical careers seminars. During the summer of my sophomore year I participated in many summer medical programs. After participating in these programs I realized I would like to become a doctor. From cheer leading I learned that with hard work and dedication I will be able to accomplish anything I set my mind to. I plan to work just as hard to achieve this goal as I did to achieve my cheer leading goals. One reason I became interested in becoming a doctor was because my grandmother and baby cousin have asthma. My little cousin also had many illnesses as a child and I have always wanted to be able to help out. In the future I will be able to help other children and their families that are struggling with a sick child.