Cierra Taylor


There was a time in my life when reading was a major challenge and I felt inferior to my peers. I could recite words on paper, but couldn’t understand what I was reading. It was a huge struggle and severely impacted my confidence and ability to excel.

Thank God for my mother who recognized the deficiency and enrolled me in a program called Kumon Math and Reading. It changed my life and the way in which I learned. I was able to develop my reading skills and improved my grasp of the information I was receiving. Also, although I was doing well in math, I discovered how to calculate numbers using “mental math” and “number sequencing”. I’m proud to say that my struggles ended. English became my favorite subject. I can be found at any given time visiting libraries, reading an electronic book, writing short stories and constructing poetry. 

Today, I’m more confident in my ability to effectively communicate. I came to appreciate that without basic reading and comprehension skills, it’s impossible to succeed at ones fullest potential. I no longer shy away from a good conversation or class project. My critical thinking skills have greatly improved and assisted me with planning, developing and implementing various projects, not just in school, but in everything I do. 

I believe that anything is possible if you can envision the accomplishment. I’ve been successful in maintaining high academic honors throughout high school despite a very challenging schedule of honors, AP and IB classes. 

Moving forward, it’s my goal to obtain an advanced degree in Business and Communications with an entrepreneurship vision of helping others to overcome barriers to success. I conclude by saying that nothing I’ve accomplished is because of me, but my Father who created me.