Christa Shelmon


My $50,000 would be used to improve the health inequalities in America. Health disparities are prominent in all communities, countries, and regions all over the world. Health disparities are referred to as the differences between groups of people, whether it be age, race, gender, religion, or any other factor that portrays differences between people. Such differences between groups can affect how frequently a disease or condition affects this group of people. For instance, African-American males are more prone to high cholesterol and heart disease. Additionally, African-American women often have faster growing cancers that are harder to treat. Research found that this is because African-American women are not exposed to the same health resources as other ethnic groups such as White women or Asian women. This is because of health disparities regarding resources available in the areas where large numbers of African-Americans live and what is available to them, or lack thereof. I am interested in the medical field and I feel health disparities must be eliminated amongst groups, especially the African-American race. If I were given $50,000, I would work efficiently to try to eliminate health disparities among women and African-Americans. Black women are less likely to get high-quality treatment due to the lack of doctors in their residential areas, or the lack of treatment rooms in hospitals. I would use the $50,000 to provide a service to help those who are underprivileged to get the help they need without having to spend every last dime they have. This program would definitely need more than my $50,000 to survive, but it would be a good start to helping put an end to health disparities in our communities.