Chimaobi Ochulo


My cousin Dk is the most influential person in my life. He been like a father to me and has taught me almost everything I know. More importantly, he’s one of the few family members that treated me like an equal and became my best friend. If it wasn't for him, I would still be the same shy little kid trying to figure out the next step in his life. He helped me move out of my comfort zone and taught me how to interact with others more.

He helped me to focus on the important things in my life, rather than just myself. I used to be antisocial towards my family and my fellow students. I used to be selfish thinking that my attitude was affecting no one but me. I didn't think that no one could understand me or my other hobbies. Such as watching Anime shows. These types of activities weren't as common among my other family members as I would have like, but they were for Dk. We started to hang out more and became closer as friends. It was that point he helped me become more comfortable with other people opinions and attitudes towards me. He helped me to learn how to trust people more, rather than stay on the defensive.

From that point on, I have and will continue using his words of advice to gain a better relationship with those around me. I've been able to gain a better relationship with my mother to the point that I now have a better understanding of our family lineage. My friends no longer feel awkward or threatened by me when I talk to them. And now I truly understand who I am and who I’ll be from this point on.