Charles Murphy


There is one true person that I have known since middle school and that continues to be one of my main inspirations and impact my life to this day and her name is Jasmine Broadnax. Jasmine is one of the many people that continue to put their faith in God at any and all times. When she’s in a mood or has had something horrible happen to her, she looks to God to tell her that everything is going to be all right and fine. This has made me a different person over the years. It’s because of her that I believe any and everything is possible and that no matter what happens to me, everything will somehow turn around and become good for me. She has taught me to not always get upset at the world for everything bad going on around me and how it’s just part of how life is. She has inspired me to do everything I can and to be the very best that I can at anything that I do. If it weren’t for her wise words of wisdom, I would not have been accepted to the many colleges that I have applied to or have done the many things that I have. Just thinking about Jasmine later on down life will let me reminisce about how much of a good friend she is and how much she has helped me grow to become a person. And to Jasmine, I say thank you. Without her help, I never would have made it this far in life. To a true friend that I will never forget, I will always love Jasmine, not just as a friend, but like a sister.