Cariese Cooks


“The beautifully decorated fellowship hall was full of purple flowers. The tables filled of people and were draped with white table clothes, and had a center piece with flowers assorted of purple. Tri-fold poster boards of the beautiful debutantes occupied the back of the hall, the boards rested on white tables that were covered by baby pictures, sport pictures, trophies of achievements, awards, and much more. The stage and dance floor occupied the front of the hall. 

On May 4th, 2013, I was introduced to my family and friends as a Christian woman. The whole entire Christian Debutante program consisted of a lot of community service, mentorship, and just an overall learning experience. I have grown and learned tremendously from the experience, and it is something that will forever be with me as I continue to grow.

During the program I made blankets for the homeless, packaged food for families in need during the holidays, and also donated food. Giving back to my community through the Christian Debutante Program has further taught me to appreciate the life I have. 

I was also mentored by amazing Christian women during the Program. I learned about growing and living for God. Speaking with other females, and expressing myself without getting judged or worrying about the outcome of the conversation really gave me a better outlook on myself, life, and helped me learn about myself as well. 

The process was very long at times but worth it. I can definitely say I am a better person and a stronger woman from the experience. The teachings I have acquired will surely help me in my transition to college. It will help me stay focus when things get hectic, and also help me handle situations and decisions I would endure as a college student.