Camille Tipton


$50,000: A years’ worth of money for a vacation for some, enough to buy a car for others or simply enough to invest . To the poor it is a miracle to the rich it is a reality. Yet if given $50,000 I would use it first to guide the youth and second to empower those with autism. This local movement will be called the Impact Institution. Aiding those that participate to flourish socially and positively shift their mindsets.

First $30,000 will be used to guide youth so that they can later be the adults that lead our nation. There should be a large investment in teenagers that are homeless or have been physically, mentally or sexually abused. Many of these young adults are still malleable, with counseling and motivational speaking they can become productive adults. Instead of being seen as bothersome the Impact Institution will display to all teens that they have value. In turn participants will value their own life and environment becoming adults that later positively influence the world.

Second the Impact Movement will invest 20,000 in empowering adults that have autism by putting them in jobs that fit their established abilities. Many who have autism are not completely deficient of thoughts instead they think differently than other people that surround them. The Institution will look for careers that need autistic people expertise. No one job will fit every person, but each person’s ability, be it artistic or conventional will be harnessed. Instead of using old ideas in various ways, new manners of thinking will be applied to the national workforce. Potentially eliminating social stigma towards those with disabilities and giving power to autistic people that were once controlled.

The Impact Institution will spend all funds on these people to socially enrich all through a local movement.