Brianna Morrow


For as long as I can remember I have had a soccer ball at my feet, a baseball bat in my hand, volleyball within reach, and a t-shirt and athletic shorts on. Playing sports was the one place I felt one hundred percent sure of myself. It was the source of my confidence and gave me a place to belong. It is what I am good at, and it is what I love. 

Three years ago, my spirit was tested. Pain overcame my body as my knee twisted in ways I knew it shouldn’t. I crumpled onto the volleyball court, until I was finally carried off. 

“Looks like the ACL”
I am not injured. 
“It’s torn.” 
I can’t be injured. 
“You will need surgery.”
I don’t get injured.

The diagnosis was a torn ACL. I saw this injury as failure. It put me six months behind my competition, a concept that I despised. 

I went to physical therapy three times a week for eight months; two months prior to surgery and six months post surgery. I worked harder than I ever had before, trying to get back to doing what I love. However, my recovery process was as much mental as it was physical. Getting my mind in a positive place was the key in my successful recovery. My injury tested my level of perseverance and determination. I recovered stronger and more resilient than before. 

I owe my success in athletics, academics and many other aspects of my life to my unfortunate injury. With my strong will I prevailed and I now incorporate this fight into almost every aspect of my life. It is what motivates me to do my best in all that I do.