Briana Shumake


There are so many things that I could do with if I had ten thousand dollars. If I was blessed with that amount of money I would save some, travel, and help others. These things may seem typical to do with money and not very extraordinary. Allow me to elaborate further on what I would do with ten thousand dollars.

Growing up my parents always urged me to save money to help myself in the future. Now that I am older and I understand life a little more, I can understand why they told me this. Ten percent of the money would be taken and put away into my own bank account for my future. That bank account would only be touched to deposit more money into it. The money would be later used to help me open my own safe have for teens to keep them out of trouble and provide a way for them to know that there is some place they can go that is drama free.

I also enjoy the idea of traveling to different places and experiencing other lifestyles. Africa has always been a place of interest to me. While there I would like to go on a safari to see all of the animals there such as monkeys, elephants, and lions; try the food; go site-seeing, and experience the culture. Instead of just being a tourist, I would like to donate to the Nothing But Nets Foundation. This foundation provides bed nets to catch mosquitos to prevent the spread of malaria in Africa. By traveling to Africa I would be a part of the distribution of these bed nets to make sure those in Africa stay happy and healthy.