Briana Bellamy


When travelling to a foreign country, culture shock is to be expected but it is rare to know to what extent; the food was different, while it looked the same it did not taste as it would have if I were at home. The menu itself was in a foreign language. I sat in a small restaurant, where lifestyle of the people was visible. They walked past ruins as if they were commonplace, something that they see regularly. These ruins have been around for close to two thousand years, and through careful maintenance have been preserved. This place was Roma, Italia at a restaurant close to the Pantheon.

Travelling has exposed me to many different cultures. When I returned home from that trip, my view of the world had changed. The architecture that I observed on older buildings actually had meaning. The amphorae or kylixes, were not random pots or pans. This knowledge came from my international travel that was made affordable through a scholarship. I would use the $50,000 to help send other children out of the country.

Sometimes neighborhood youth are not familiar with the world around them, with the exception of their neighborhood or school. Those who are less fortunate tend to have a stagnant mindset, which leads to the neglect of their potential. This scholarship will change that mentality. While exploring the world these children’s eyes will be open to new possibilities. The money will bolster their efforts to become more successful because of the exposure they will gain. This money will be used to change others perspectives on life, as well as enlighten them.